Video Shows Trump Supporter Bashing Black Barista In San Diego

Earlier this week, San Diego-area Starbucks barista Alex Beckom was verbally attacked by a white customer while she was at work. Video of the interaction shows Beckom servicing two white customers. During her shift, the taller white customer wearing a light blue crop top can be heard claiming that Beckom was discriminating against her because she is a Trump supporter.

"When you talk to me like that, I know it's because you're discriminating against me because I'm a Trump supporter," the customer said.

"F--- Black Lives Matter. I need a straw."

The teenage barista promptly hands her a straw and offers sugar at the customer's request. The interaction grows tenser when Beckom asks the customer to lift her mask over her mouth and nose the next time she comes in. The unidentified customer responds with a frustrated fit as she walks out of the store.

***The video below contains profane language****

"The next time you come in, I need you to keep a mask on," Beckom said.

"Its not a law," the customer responded.

"It's a hoax, I don't have to wear a mask, I'm not going to wear a mask. This is America. I don't have to do what you say! Trump 2020!"

The interaction finally comes to a close as the 19-year-old barista calmly asks the customer to leave the store. Shortly thereafter, video of the incident made the rounds on social media. Thus far, the video has earned more than 20,000 retweet and 30,000 likes on Twitter. After learning of the video, Starbucks issued a statement.

"This behavior is not welcome in our stores," the company stated.

"Our focus right now is providing support to our partner who demonstrated tremendous composure during a very difficult interaction."

In an interview, Beckom explained that these situations are not unfamiliar to her. She also explained that she kept her calm because she didn't want to lose her job.

“I’m Black in America, so I’ve dealt with these kinds of situations before, so I am able to stay calm and collected in these types of situations because I don't want to risk my job," Beckom said.

At this time, it is unclear if the Starbucks customer will be banned from visiting the store again.

Photo: Getty Images

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