Kamala Harris Says 'We Have To Earn' The Votes Of Black Men

As the campaign trails heat up in the final two weeks ahead of the presidential election, political analysts are keeping an eye on an essential voting block: Black male voters. 

In an interview with The Grio, Senator Kamala Harris appealed directly to the voter block, stating,“I don’t believe that anyone has to vote for us. I believe we have to earn their vote.” 

According to an ABC News' Five Thirty Eight report, Democracy Fund + UCLA Nationscape’s poll shows a 14 point increase in support for Donald Trump by young Black and Hispanic voters from 2016. 

The Trump campaign has targeted support from Black male voters with moves including working with rap icon Ice Cube on a plan to address issues pertaining to the Black community. 

“You have seen a person who’s the president of the United States refuse to speak the words ‘Black Lives Matter,” Harris stated when asked how Black men are being considered by the Democratic presidential ticket.  

“Every Black man I know has a dream for himself or his family now or in the future,” the senator stated while detailing solutions she and Joe Biden plan to implement to address problems facing the Black community.

According to the senator, a Biden-Harris administration plans to fund Historically Black Colleges and Universities, provide a $15,000 tax credit for first-time home buyers, decriminalize marijuana, and put a national ban on chokeholds in place.

Harris emphasized that “nobody, including Black men, should be thought of as just a one-issue person,” adding, “The issues that impact Black men impact everybody.” 

Photo: Getty Images

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