NYPD Officer Suspended After Blasting Trump Endorsement From Cruiser

Officials of the New York City Police Department announced Sunday (October 25) the immediate suspension of an officer who was recorded using a police vehicle’s PA system to yell “Trump 2020.”

The video was posted Saturday (October 24) just before 10 p.m. in the Flatbush neighborhood of Brooklyn and shows the parked police SUV with the officer heard yelling his support of President Donald Trump from inside the vehicle. “Put it on YouTube. Put it on Facebook. Trump 2020.” the officer says.

The officer’s name was not immediately released, but Department officials stated the suspension does not include pay and the incident is currently under investigation. 

After the video of the incident was posted to social media sites, users demanded responses from police officials and Mayor Bill de Blasio. Commissioner Dermot Shea responded in a tweet stating the suspended officer’s behavior was “One hundred percent unacceptable. Period.” 

Mayor de Blasio assured the public prompt action would be taken, tweeting “ANY NYPD Officer pushing ANY political agenda while on duty will face consequence.” 

This incident comes just days after the Police Benevolent Association made assurances that the organization’s endorsement of President Trump’s reelection would not effect officer's duties or behavior, as reported by The Associated Press

Commissioner Shea had told those concerned about the Union's backing of Trump “When we put on this uniform, we are apolitical.”

Photo: Getty Images

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