University Addresses Video Of Student Chanting Racial Slurs While Twerking

A four-second long video sparked a wave of disgust amongst the campus of a South Florida university, especially for Black students. The video was posted to social media and shows a Florida International University student twerking and chanting a racial slur repeatedly, according to NBC 6. The university, which is located in Miami, said the student was a freshman.

“The video is definitely very offensive," Trevaun Williams said, a senior majoring in biochemistry. "It showed just basically ignorance and bigotry and it really should be addressed much better than it’s being addressed right now."

University officials said the offensive video did not violate the code of student conduct. President Mark Rosenberg, however called the video racist in a statement posted to FIU's social media accounts. “The hate and ignorance expressed in the message undermines all that ought to bring us together to make the world a better place regardless of race, religion, country of origin or identity,” he said.

“She might be working with somebody who looks like me one day, and what will she think of them? They’re an N-girl who twerks as well?” Jordan Daniels said, a senior majoring in marketing. “It’s like a slap in our face, you know, and you’re attending school with us still.”

Students told NBC 6 that "this is the time for the university to make a strong statement against hate speech by taking decisive action against this student." If the university punishes the student, privacy laws may prevent the university from announcing it publicly.

Photo: Getty Images

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