Joe Biden Wins All 5 Votes In New Hampshire Town

Former Vice President Joe Biden claimed the first small victory of Election Day (November 3) by five votes in a small New Hampshire town, according to the New York Post. In Dixville Notch, New Hampshire, they traditionally count their votes at midnight. The results were drawn on a poster board right after 12 a.m.

Back in 2016, former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton won the Dixville Notch vote. Two other New Hampshire towns, Hart's Location and Millsfield, have historically offered midnight voting. President Donald Trump has claimed victory in Millsfield with 16 votes to Biden's 5.

"This year marked Millsfield’s 60th anniversary of the midnight voting tradition. The occurrence usually attracts a large media presence with ample food, but the event was scaled back this year over coronavirus concerns," according to the Post. Hart's Location did not offer midnight voting this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, but residents can vote between 11 a.m. and 7 p.m.

Experts are also keeping their eyes on swing states as the last stretches of voting continue on Election Day. Supreme Court battles over mail-in ballots also continue while millions more people are casting their votes in-person or dropping them off at election offices.

Photo: Getty Images

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