Keiajah Brooks Says Officers Followed Her Following Viral Video

Last month, Keiajah “KJ” Brooks became a nationwide star when a video of her calling out the Kansas City Board of Police Commissioners went viral. This month, Brooks is reporting that police officers have been following her.

Earlier this week, Brooks took to social media to let others know of the suspicious behavior. The Kansas City resident began by posted several videos of eerie vehicles trailing behind her. Later, she detailed her interaction with an officer on Instagram.

“I was sitting in my car today at 11:00 and [police car] 818 drove through my private apartment complex parking lot not once, not twice, but three times as I sat in my car to try to intimidate me,” Brooks said.

“There’s a public street that’s right there... You would not need to cut through here at all unless you live here.”

Brooks told her social media followers that she witnessed three officers in the car, two men and one woman. She later added that had been receiving strange phone calls as well.

“[Sorry] for the flood. but look how they did brother Fred Hampton,” she said.

“[This] number has been calling me all day (6 times). [They called] twice when I was in Atchison, Kansas, twice when I was in Mission, Kansas and twice [while I was] here. [They have been] saying nothing. [If] you call [the number], there’s a long beep and silence. I’m pretty sure this is how KCPD has been tracking me.”

Despite the mysterious behavior, Brooks reminds others that she will not be deterred from speaking her mind.

“Let me make a distinction before I go on a social media detox until after the election. We walk by faith and not by sight round these parts,” Brooks tweeted.

“I’m not afraid of any threats, I’m simply making the general public aware. I’m not moving out of KC. I am heightening my security.”

Photo: Getty Images

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