LeBron James Helps Nearly 13,000 Formerly Incarcerated People Vote

Contributions from LeBron James, Michael Bloomberg and several other public figures will help nearly 13,000 formerly incarcerated citizens vote on November 3. James, Bloomberg and others donated nearly $27 million to help pay off fines that formerly incarcerated Floridians needed to eliminate before regaining the right to vote.

"We want communities to get better by having more voices heard, and the quicker people are able to be reintegrated into the community, the better," Florida Rights Restoration Coalition Deputy Director Neil Volz said.

In addition to helping Americans in Florida vote, the donations of public figures have helped financially support recently released citizens during the pandemic.

“We were able to go to Brevard County and hand them a check for $551,000. All of Florida taxpayers are benefiting from our efforts,” Florida Rights Restoration Coalition President Desmond Meade said.

Florida could prove to be a key state in the presidential election. Analysts at CNBC label the Sunshine State as one of six "swing states" along with Arizona, Pennsylvania, Michigan, North Carolina and Wisconsin. Most recent polls have former Vice President Joe Biden leading President Donald Trump by just 3%. However, experts warn that a 3% advantage is a negligible difference and could lead to a tight race down the stretch. Polling will close around the state at approximately 7 p.m.

Photo: Getty Images

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