Allegheny County Pauses Ballot Counting Due To Printing Issues

The ballot counting process will be put on hold in Allegheny County until Friday. A court order halted the ballot counting process in the area due to printing issues. According to several reports, approximately 29,000 voters received ballots that had incorrect information. Those voters then received ballots with correct information. As a result, many voters ended up with two ballots, which has caused clerical issues.

"The ballots in question require special attention. The vast majority -- up to 29,000 -- involve a situation where a vendor sent the wrong ballots to voters, and had to reissue new ballots with the correct races. The challenge there is now voters have 2 ballots, one with wrong races," local reporter Chris Potter tweeted.

"You have to give those ballots special scrutiny to make sure that people don't vote twice, and if they just send in the old one, they don't vote in races they aren't eligible for. So you can't just scan them with the rest."

Pennsylvania could very well decide the 2020 Presidential Election. Sitting at an estimated 253 electoral votes, former Vice President Joe Biden could cross the 270 electoral vote mark with the 20 electoral votes Pennsylvania offers. Currently, President Donald Trump holds a lead of more than 115,00 votes. However, the state has nearly one million votes left to count. Many of those uncounted ballots are located in Democratic strongholds like Pennsylvania. Political experts believe that as ballots continue to be counted that Biden will close the gap between himself and Trump.

Election officials anticipate the ballot counting process could continue through Friday evening. Allegheny County ballot counters will resume their efforts on Friday morning.

Photo: Getty Images

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