Georgia Election Official Expects Votes To Be Counted By Midday Thursday

Georgia's top election official, Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, has said that he expects poll workers to finish counting ballots by midday Thursday. His colleague, Gabriel Sterling, confirmed Raffensperger's statements and added that there are approximately 61,367 votes left to count in the state.

“We’re looking at by lunchtime having most of this knocked out,” Raffensperger said.

Sterling expanded upon Raffensperger's comments by offering a county-by-county breakdown of the votes left to be counted. Most notably, Chatham County leads the way with 17,157 votes remaining and Fulton County poll workers continue to work with 11,200 votes left to be counted. Elsewhere, Gwinnett County has 7,338 votes left, Clayton County needs to count 7,408 more votes and Forsyth County will count the remaining 4,713 votes.

Georgia has come into focus 48 hours after election day began on November 3. Initially, President Donald Trump shot out to an early lead. As mail-in ballots continue to be counted, former Vice President Joe Biden has narrowed Trump's lead significantly. If Biden is able to complete his comeback, political experts believe he will win the election. Sitting at an estimated 253 electoral votes, Georgia would put him one vote shy short of the 270 votes needed to win the election.

"If Biden is able to win back the blue wall of Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania, and flip Arizona and Georgia — an entirely plausible outcome — the election is going to turn out exactly as the Biden campaign had always suggested," Whitman Insight Strategies Vice President Matt McDermott tweeted.

Photo: Getty Images

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