Masks Don't Cause Oxygen Levels To Drop, Study Says

A new study reveals that wearing masks don't cause a person's oxygen levels to drop, Click On Detroit reported. Many researchers say masks help curb the spread of the novel coronavirus, and they have become the standard when it comes to safety in businesses, local governments and national recommendations. But some people questioned whether masks prevent people from getting enough oxygen or not.

To answer that question, a group of Canadian researchers did a simple experiment. Twenty-five people over 65 years old participated in the study. They were tasked with doing normal daily activities with and without a three-layer mask. Researchers measured their oxygen saturations with a portable pulse oximeter, and they found that the average oxygen saturation was 96% before, during and after mask use.

The authors concluded that, “wearing a three-layer, non-medical face mask was not associated with a decline in oxygen saturation in older patients.” Their results were published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

Last week, USA Today reported that Americans are dying from COVID-19 every 107 seconds as the nation is experiencing a surge in cases. They also noted that Americans are testing positive for the disease every 1.2 seconds.

Photo: Getty Images

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