Americans Are Dying From COVID-19 Every 107 Seconds As Cases Surge

Americans are now testing positive for coronavirus every 1.2 seconds as of this week, according to USA Today. The outlet reported Wednesday (October 28) that the country set a new record with over 500,000 infections over a seven-day period. Data from John Hopkins University also show that an American is dying from the disease every 107 seconds.

"There's no way to sugarcoat it: We are facing an urgent crisis, and there is an imminent risk to you, your family members, your friends, your neighbors and the people you care about," Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers said, whose state is seeing one of the nation's worst outbreaks.

With winter approaching and pandemic fatigue getting to Americans, there may be another surge in cases, according to Melissa Nolan, an infectious disease expert and professor at the University of South Carolina.

"Americans are tired of adhering to public health guidelines and getting tested," she said, reminding people of common strategies to avoid infection: hand-washing, masks, social distancing.

Investors fear more lockdowns are on the way, making the stock market take a bit of tumble Wednesday. Even though a national lockdown may help slow the spread of COVID-19, especially in virus-stricken states, experts say it is unlikely due to the political climate.

"A national mandate from the federal government for universal masking is more likely to achieve the greatest impact to reduce deaths in the next several months," Robert Glatter said, an emergency physician at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City.

Photo: Getty Images

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