Pittsburgh Steelers Buy Dinner For Poll Workers In Pennsylvania

As election officials work tirelessly to count each ballot cast in Tuesday's election, the Pittsburgh Steelers have offered a helping hand. On Wednesday, the Mike Tomlin led squad bought dinner for poll workers at a ballot counting site in Allegheny County in Pennsylvania.

The undefeated football team went big on dinner plans Wednesday night. Poll workers enjoyed meals from The Goose Express, a catering company in western Pennsylvania. Meals included chicken rigatoni, rolls, pies and much more.

“It’s very nice, very appreciated,” county spokeswoman Amie Downs said.

“We’ve been working very long hours, so for them to have thought of us is very kind.”

Tomlin and company have been open about their discussions regarding the election. Like many other professional sports teams, the franchise closed all facilities on Tuesday in an effort to encourage players and staff to vote.

"We're professionally focused, but we have been talking continuously about being active participants in the political process and exercising our right to vote," Tomlin said on Tuesday.

"It requires no special meeting or no point of emphasis today. We all know what today is."

Moving forward, the Steelers will set their sights on Dallas, Texas. The AFC North leaders will take on the fledgling Dallas Cowboys. With the team's next three games coming against losing teams, Pittsburgh could very well start the season with an impressive 10-0 record. For now, the road to the playoffs will continue at 4:25 p.m. on Sunday at AT&T Stadium.

Photo: Getty Images

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