Whoopi Goldberg Tells Trump Supporters To ‘Suck It Up’

In the wake of the announcement of Joe Biden’s win as the next president, Donald Trump and members of his campaign took to social media to amplify baseless claims of voter fraud in Pennsylvania and Georgia. 

The current president and his legal team have also filed lawsuits in several states related to voter fraud claims and ballot deadlines.

His tweets drew his supporters to protest outside of state election facilities in Michigan, Arizona, Georgia, and Pennsylvania. Some demonstrators were armed. 

In response to the president’s actions after the election, Whoopi Goldberg, a co-host of The View, had a message for his supporters

“To all those who don’t believe that Americans actually get out and voted, let me say this to you,” Goldberg started. 

“When [Donald Trump] was elected four years ago, Hillary Clinton didn’t say, ‘Hey, wait a minute, this doesn’t feel right, stop the count,’” Goldberg continued, referencing one of Trump’s tweets to stop ballot counting in some states. 

She went on to add, “Suck it up like we sucked it up…Grow the pair for him that he can’t grow for himself. Because this is ridiculous…”

So far, Donald Trump has not made any indication that he will concede to president-elect Biden. As final ballots are tallies and states election officials move to certify votes, the transition process will begin ahead of the January 2021 inauguration. 

President-elect Biden has already announced plans to implement as soon as he’s sworn in including a coronavirus task force with medical doctors and public health officials. 

Photo: Getty Images

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