Additional Arrest Made In Deadly Kenosha, Wisconsin Protest Shooting

Police arrested Dominick Black on November 6 after charges were brought against the 19-year-old for allegedly supplying the automatic rifle Kyle Rittenhouse used to kill two protesters and wounding one other person. 

Rittenhouse faces felony homicide charges for the shootings on August 25 during a protest of the police shooting of Jacob Blake

A Wisconsin court recently set Rittenhouse’s bail at $2 million after he was extradited from Illinois. 

The Kenosha News reports a criminal complaint brought against Black states he agreed to go with Rittenhouse to Kenosha to guard a local business after the city enacted a curfew in the wake of the protests.

Before they left, two went to Black’s stepfather’s home to get another weapon, an AR-15 gun which he allegedly gave to Rittenhouse.   

The owner of the local business told Kenosha News he never asked anyone to guard his property. 

Black reportedly spoke to police just two hours after Rittenhouse turned himself in the day after the deadly shooting. He told police that he gave Rittenhouse the weapon and knew he was underaged. 

Black faces two counts of intentionally supplying a dangerous weapon to a minor. 

Black’s stepfather was not identified but told authorities that Black purchased the weapon in his name in Ladysmith, Wisconsin while using Rittenhouse’s money. 

Tom Binger, the Kenosha County Assistant District Attorney said that Black has cooperated with police and turned over the weapons used in the killings to police. 

Black’s bond was set at $2,500. He returns to court for his next hearing on November 19. 

Photo: Getty Images 

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