Daniel Cameron Joins GOP Fight Against Mail-In Ballots In Pennsylvania

Daniel Cameron has joined the Republican Party's fight against counting mail-in ballots in the state of Pennsylvania. Cameron, Sen. Mitch McConnell have threatened "major legal action" against the state following the presidential election. President Donald Trump and other members of his administration have accused the state of counting "illegal" mail-in ballots.

"Pennsylvania prevented us from watching much of the ballot count. [That's] unthinkable and illegal in this country," he tweeted on Monday.

Despite his claims, there has been no evidence of statewide voter fraud. Also, his claims that his Republican representatives were prevented from watching the ballot count is being disputed. The office of Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf has said that members of both parties were able to observe the ballot counting process and “any insinuation otherwise is a lie.” Still, Republican officials from Georgia, Missouri and several other states are coming together to dispute the results of the election. The latest accusation from the Republican President alleges that the state created a two tier voter system that favors mail-in voters over in-person voters.

“The Republican AGs are already stepping up to the frontlines as 'America's insurance policy' against the possibility of a Biden-Harris Administration and their liberal extremist agenda," a group of Republican lawmakers stated.

President-Elect Joe Biden currently enjoys a 45,000 vote advantage in the state of Pennsylvania. He also enjoys a 10,000 vote advantage in Georgia, 17,000 vote advantage in Arizona, 20,000 vote advantage in Wisconsin and a 36,000 vote advantage in Nevada. If Republicans were to withhold the electoral votes in any two of the five states in question, Biden would still emerge as the President-Elect.

The President-Elect has yet to comment on the Republican Party's latest legal move in his home state.

Photo: Getty Images

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