Donald Trump Floats 2024 Presidential Run

President Donald Trump has reportedly floated the idea of running for office in 2024. According to multiple reports, Trump has discussed the idea with close friends, family and advisers.

Planning ahead is nothing new to the New York native. In 2017, he declared his intent to run for President in 2020 on the day of his Inauguration.

Despite reports that he may run for President again, detractors say that he is simply seeking attention. Fellow University of Pennsylvania graduate and author Paul Waldman has argued that Trump is not seriously considering another run.

“The prospect of a 2024 run is politically significant. It’s also a complete fiction. Donald Trump will not be running for president again,” Waldman stated.

“He will, however, continue to tease the possibility of a 2024 run — not just right now, but also for the next three years or so, perhaps right up to the Iowa caucuses in January 2024. There are a number of reasons why, but one stands above the others: As long as we think he might run, there’s still reason to pay attention to him and talk about him and act like he’s important.”

Regardless of what he decides to do, Trump will continue to be a major fixture within the Republican party. In spite of losing the election to President-Elect Joe Biden, he managed to secure more votes than any other Republican candidate in U.S. history.

"He's going to continue to play a significant role in the Republican Party," former Trump aide Rick Gates said.

“He’ll have that locked up for at least the next few years."

Photo: Getty Images

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