Donald Trump Will Deal With More Than Five Lawsuits After He Leaves Office

President Donald Trump may be filing lawsuits in several states today, but he will be facing a myriad of lawsuits tomorrow. Currently, the President will face a minimum of six major lawsuits once he leaves office in January.

Most notably, Trump is under scrutiny from the Manhattan district attorney's office. Prosecutors in the New York borough are looking into possible hush payments that may have been made prior to the 2016 election. Members of the Trump organization are accused of bank fraud, insurance fraud, criminal tax fraud and falsification of business records.

Elsewhere, the New York State attorney is investigating how the Trump family values its assets. Specifically, state officials are looking into accusations that Trump inflated the value of his assets to be recognized by outlets such as Forbes and then deflated his assets to lessen taxes.

Prosecutors in his current home of Washington, D.C. are also in line to threaten the President with legal action. Attorney generals in Maryland and Washington, D.C. are suing Trump for violating the emoluments clause of the U.S. Constitution. The lawsuit accuses him of profiting off of world leaders when they stay at Trump Hotels while visiting the United States.

Not to mention, he is facing three more lawsuits from individuals he has come in contact with. Summer Zervos, a former contestant of The Apprentice, is suing the former reality television host for defamation and harassment. Journalist E. Jean Carroll has sued the President for rape and the case currently sits in the federal court system. Rounding out the set of six high-profile lawsuits, Donald Trump's niece, Mary Trump, is alleging that the President along with other members of his family committed fraud to keep her from getting part of Fred Trump Sr.'s estate when he died.

As expected, the former reality host has denied and in some cases, mocked, those who have filed lawsuits against him.

Photo: Getty Images

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