Family of Missing Teen Is Seeking Answers After He’s Found Dead

Quawan “Bobby” Charles, a Black 15-year-old boy, was found dead in Louisiana after his parents reported him missing.

Bobby was reportedly picked up by a white 17-year-old friend and his mother on October 30 without Bobby’s parents’ permission. 

When his parents weren’t able to contact Bobby, they contacted the Baldwin Police Department and West St. Mary’s Sheriff’s Office.

Tragically, Bobby’s body was found in a sugar cane field near Loreauville, Louisiana four days later on November 4, according to the Iberia Parish Sheriff's Office.

In a report by KATC, Bobby’s family says that authorities told them he drowned. However, the family doesn’t think this is the truth because of the facial and head injuries they saw at the coroner’s office. 

The family released a photo of Bobby’s body to social media to demand answers about what happened to him. 

Celina Charles, the family’s spokesperson said, “His face is disfigured. So there’s some explaining that needs to be done there.”

Bobby’s family ordered an independent autopsy to find their own answers outside of the police. 

The attorney representing Bobby’s family, Ron Haley, stated that police did not take his parents’ report of Bobby being missing at first and that the department never sent out an Amber Alert. He said police told his parents, “'He’s probably at a football game.'” 

Haley says it’s unclear if the delay in getting an investigation started could have contributed to his death. 

In addition to the independent autopsy, the family is asking to see the coroner’s preliminary report, and for anyone involved in his death to be arrested. 

Bobby’s mother, Roxanne Nelson, said, “I just want justice for my son.” 

Photo: KATC

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