Grand Jury Declines To Indict Officers In Sean Reed Shooting

A grand jury in Indianapolis, Indiana has decided not to indict Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department Officer Dejoure Mercer for the killing of Sean Reed. Special Prosecutor Rosemary Khoury announced on Tuesday that the special grand jury delivered a no bill, a declaration that they could not find enough probable cause to charge Mercer.

“It’s a very sad situation. No one wins here," Khoury said.

“I don’t know how Mr. Reed’s mother feels but I am a mother of two black boys. I’m also very empathetic toward Officer Mercer. I know that had to be a difficult position to be in. Like I said, no one wins.”

Reed is a 21-year-old former Airmen who was shot and killed on May 6. Officers reportedly attempted to stop Reed on the highway for speeding, but the chase was called off. Later on, Reed's car was spotted in Indianapolis. Officers claim that when Reed was spotted, he exited the car and ran. Nearby cops followed him and an altercation ensued. Mercer said that he attempted to use a stun gun before firing multiple shots that killed him. Additional reports indicate that Reed attempted to fire at officers prior to his death.

Reed's family has vehemently denied the IMPD's account of what happened that day. Members of his family have declared that he was "shot in the back for reason."

“I’m here to say to you today unequivocally that Dreasjon Reed, Sean Reed, did not shoot a gun, did not point a gun, did not brandish a gun at an officer,” attorney Fatima Johnson.

“He did not. The narrative that you’ve heard is incorrect, is false, is misleading. It did not happen.”

In the days, weeks and months since his death, demonstrators have taken to the street to protest against the killings of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and several others. Reed's family has moved forward in filing a wrongful death lawsuit against the four officers involved and the local police department for the killing of the 21-year-old.

Photo: Getty Images

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