UPS Lifts Ban On Natural Black Hairstyles & Facial Hair

UPS workers can now sport afros, braids, beards and more, according to Huffington Post. The package delivery company lifted restrictions on facial hair and natural Black hairstyles, according to internal memos.

The new rules say workers are allowed to have beards, mustaches and various hairstyles, including “afros, braids, curls, coils, locs, twists and knots." The memos said these styles are “definitely acceptable as long as they are worn in a businesslike manner and don’t create a safety concern.” There are no specific gender guidelines either, UPS mandating that workers “dress appropriately for your workday.”

Huffington Post said the company has rather strict rules on employees' personal appearance, but these changes only apply to UPS workers who potentially interact with customers rather than warehouse employees and truck loaders.

Back in 2018, UPS paid $4.9 million due to alleged religious discrimination from their appearance guidelines. Several employees, including those of the Muslim faith, argued they were expected to shave to advance within company. If employees need to shave for religious circumstances, the UPS website states the company will grant "conditional approval," according to Huffington Post.

“The new appearance guidelines recognize the beauty in the diversity of all UPSers,” UPS chief human resources officer Charlene Thomas said in the memos. “We know that UPSers will always be respectful of our culture, our customers and our co-workers when deciding how they show up and act on the job.”

Photo: Getty Images

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