New Updates In The Quawan ‘Bobby’ Charles Case Emerge

The family of Quawan “Bobby” Charles demanded answers about what happened to the 15-year-old who they reported missing on October 30 and tragically found dead four days later.

Newly released phone recordings have uncovered additional information that may answer some of their questions. 

A report by KLFY revealed phone recordings in which a parent is explaining to Bobby’s mother what her son, Bobby’s friend, told her. 

The friend knows the family who was last seen with Bobby. 

“My son went to get in her car, but it smelled strong like bleach. She told my son, ‘You can’t smoke in the car because we bleached it.” 

The friend’s mother continued describing what her son told her about the individuals last seen with Bobby.

“He did say whenever they picked up your son, him and his mother and the stepdad were all tripping on mushrooms. The ones that are poisonous, they make you trip out.” 

The friend’s mother continued, sharing that her son had heard information about the location of Bobby’s body. 

“From what I could understand,” she said, “he told my son that they found your son’s body in a sugar cane field behind their house.”

The family’s attorney, Ron Haley reported his investigative team located the house of the family last seen with Bobby. 

At the time of the discovery, a U-Haul truck was in front of the house. Haley told reporters, “It looks like they’re boxing up their things and the parent apparently trying to move. I don’t want to assume what it is, but that’s what it looks like from the pictures I received this morning.” 

Photo: Getty Images

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