Third Grand Juror Comes Forward In Breonna Taylor Killing

Another grand juror has stepped forward and criticized the prosecutor's handling of the Breonna Taylor case. Earlier today, an unnamed juror said that the prosecutors were looking to give the officers a "slap on the wrist." She added that the Kentucky State Attorney General Daniel Cameron was looking to "close" the case. Not to mention, she felt that the investigation into the Louisville Police Department was "incomplete."

“I felt like there should’ve been more charges,” the unnamed juror said during a recent interview.

The unnamed juror also noted that she was baffled by the decision not to consider endangerment charges. From her time on the grand jury, she felt that the officer's moved into Taylor's apartment recklessly, putting her and Kenneth Walker in danger.

“All of them went in blindly, you really couldn’t see into that lady’s apartment as they explained to us, there was just a TV on,” she added.

Later, the juror said that she and her fellow jurors were upset with statement's Cameron made while announcing the charges levied against one of the officers involved in Taylor's death. Cameron claimed that prosecutors walked “walked them through every homicide offense” and the jurors "agreed" that no other charges were justified. The unnamed juror says both of those claims are untrue.

“I felt like he was trying to throw the blame on somebody else, that he felt like, we as jurors, we weren’t going to (speak) out,” she said. “He made it feel like it was all our fault, and it wasn’t," she said.

The juror in question wanted to speak with the Taylor family. She said that she had a desire to let the family know that “we didn’t have anything to do with” the lack of charges brought forth from the case.

“I didn’t feel that the family was getting justice,” she said.

Photo: Getty Images

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