Kerry Washington Partners With Jewelry Brand To Create Her Own Collection

A wise philosopher by the name of Shawn Carter once said, "I'm not a businessman. I'm a business, man." Actress Kerry Washington took those words to heart when she put together her latest business endeavor. The well respected thespian has invested in and partnered with a rising jewelry brand by the name of Aurate. Also, Washington has created her own jewelry line called the Lioness Collection.

“I’m so proud to share this Lioness Collection, and all that it represents, with you. In both aesthetic design and in cultural meaning, each piece is built to embody the values of this unique moment while also honoring timeless truths," Washington said.

“Make no mistake, the lioness is a queen. Her beauty is incomparable. Her strength is undeniable. She is a warrior, built for the hunt, and a nurturer, devoted to her pride. She is magnificently regal, and yet in the world of the Lioness, democracy and collaboration rule. In the #LionessPride there are no egos, there is no pecking order, just fierce felines winning collectively."

Aurate is an up and coming jewelry brand that was created by Bouchra Ezzahraoui and Sophie Kahn in 2015. Founded in New York, the brand works to create ethically responsible products that meet their high standards.

“When I met Sophie and Bouchra, I was so impressed with them as women and as bad--- entrepreneurs and founders,” Washington added.

“I was so impressed with the product. It really spoke to me, this idea of democratizing fine jewelry by cutting out the middleman and allowing more people to have access to beautiful jewelry. I wanted to be a part of this journey.”

After meeting with Ezzahraoui and Kahn, the trio began working on the Lioness Collection. With months of hard work, the trio is proud to present their collection and announce that 20% of their proceeds will benefit Supermajority, a nonprofit women’s activist group.

Photo: Getty Images

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