Trump Reportedly Planning A 2024 Presidential Rally During Inauguration

A report by the Daily Beast says Donald Trump is considering hosting a campaign rally during the inauguration of Joe Biden

The campaign rally would be to kick off Trump’s bid for president in 2024, according to the sources close to the president cited in the report. 

The reported planning of the rally is, according to the report, a strategy to remain politically relevant as the formal transition of power begins. 

This news comes just days after the Biden-Harris administration was officially granted the funding necessary to start the transition of power by the General Service Administration, stalled by bureaucratic processes and Trump’s multi-state litigation attempts to challenge the election results. 

Carl Tobias, a law professor at the University of Richmond told Business Insider the rally would be “unprecedented,” stating, “No one who has lost a race for President has ever announced the intent to run four years later on the day that the victor is sworn in.” 

Trump, who continuously refuses to concede to Biden, first floated the idea of announcing a 2024 run for president earlier this month, telling aides he might make the announcement as soon as the end of the year. 

While the country prepares for a new administration, Trump continues to tweet his faith in the repeated failed legal attacks to cast doubt on the election results. 

Photo: Getty Images

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