Deshaun Watson Gifts Football Uniforms To George Floyd's Former High School

Houston Texans Quarterback Deshaun Watson has partnered with Nike to donate football uniforms to George Floyd's former high school. The name of the school, Yates, will be painted across the chest and the word "brotherhood" will be written across the back. Honoring Floyd, the initials "GF" will be patched right above the school's name and the word "breathe" will be written inside of the jersey's collar.

George Floyd is Houston native who was killed in Minneapolis on Memorial Day during an encounter with four police officers. During the interaction, former police officer Derek Chauvin pressed his knee against Floyd's neck for more than eight minutes as he yelled, "I can't breathe."

“[George Floyd’s murder has] affected me in many ways,” the star quarterback said.

“As a Black professional athlete, I’ve been empowered more than ever to leverage my voice to further the conversation around systematic racism and social injustice within our communities. As athletes, we have the power to create real lasting change when it comes to this conversation and that’s why I will continue to speak out and stand up in support of this movement.”

While Watson did not grow up in Houston, he now plays just 20 minutes away from where Floyd grew up and attended high school. As a member of the Houston community, he takes on the responsibility of being a role model for younger Black folks in the area.

“As someone that cares about these important issues and using my voice to inspire change, collaborating with Nike has given me the platform and resources to make a difference for these young kids,” Watson said.

“If I can make a positive impression on just one kid, I’m making a difference.”

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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