NAACP Accuses Daniel Cameron Of Having 'Inappropriate Bias' In Taylor Case

The NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund has published a report accusing Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron of having an "inappropriate bias" when handling the Breonna Taylor case.

"What was presented to the grand jury in the case involving the police killing of Ms. Taylor betrayed the public's trust and confidence that accountability and justice would be sought in a fair and thorough presentation of charges before a grand jury," the report stated.

The "Justice Denied" report claims that Cameron misled grand jurors, withheld evidence that could have implicated the officers involved and "usurped" the grand jury's ability to consider murder charges.

Cameron's spokeswoman, Elizabeth Kuhn, declined to comment on the NAACP's report. Instead, she has referred reporters to Cameron's statements from October.

"As Special Prosecutor, it was my decision to ask for an indictment on charges that could be proven under Kentucky law. Indictments obtained in the absence of sufficient proof under the law do not stand up and are not fundamentally fair to anyone," Cameron said.

Thus far, two grand jurors have come forward to raise issues with how the process handled.

“Questions were asked about the additional charges and the grand jury was told there would be none because the prosecutors didn’t feel they could make them stick,” one grand juror stated.

“The grand jury didn’t agree that certain actions were justified, nor did it decide the indictment should be the only charges in the Breonna Taylor case.”

Through the grand jury process, former officer Brett Hankinson was charged with one count of wanton endangerment. He has plead not guilty to the charge.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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