Tiffanye Wesley Becomes First Black Female Fire Chief In Northern Virginia

Tiffanye Wesley is starting the month out the right the way. The veteran firefighter was just promoted to the position of deputy fire chief for the Arlington County Fire Department in Virginia. By earning this promotion, Wesley will become the first Black woman to hold this title in northern Virginia.

“It still feels surreal!" she said

"The support is unbelievable, all over the country."

Wesley is one of three deputy fire chiefs tasked with leading a department of 350 members. She will lead the department's recruitment efforts as well as promotions and discipline.

“It's a heavy lift. It's a huge learning curve, so I'm in that just trying to figure it all out.”

Wesley's children are also looking to follow in her footsteps. Her daughter is currently working in Washington, D.C.'s police department.

“A lot of times people will ask what would you say to your younger self, and it just came to me this morning, I do have a younger self, my younger self is my daughter because she's in the D.C. police department and she just took a promotional exam this week," Wesley said.

Not to mention, Wesley's husband, Eric, works in the fire department with her. He was just promoted to captain as well. According to Wesley, he has been her biggest fan throughout this transition.

“When he looked at me and said 'I knew you could do it,' it meant the world to me.”

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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