Lil' Yachty Partners With Swiss Company To Launch His Own Cyrptocurrency

Miles "Lil' Yachty" McCollum has partnered with Swiss cryptocurrency company called Fyooz to launch his own cryptocurrency. "YachtyCoin" will allow fans of the Atlanta rapper to trade and invest in various ways. However, Fyooz has clarified that the cryptocurrency is not available to his American fan base.

"[YachtyCoin] may not be purchased and traded by U.S. citizens, green card holders, or residents of the United States of America," the company stated.

The Atlanta star has worked extremely hard to diversify his public platform. In addition to releasing music, he has partnered with Sprite, appeared in How High 2 and worked with Rebook. His latest work with Fyooz is simply a continuation of his efforts to evolve as a public figure.

“Without being able to connect with their audiences live, performance artists will lose not only revenue but also appeal. Artists run the risk of no longer being front of mind and relevant. But Fyooz cements the relationship by way of a token which represents access, rights, and in the end, appreciable value. And all within a click for those stars who want to deliver this new experience," Remo Prinz of Fyooz said.

"We are very excited to welcome Lil Yachty as a pioneering voice for this new generation, the face of cool and the sound of rhyme. These qualities make Lil' Yachty a billboard for Fyooz. He remains in constant motion and today instead of aiming to endure the problems existing within old industry models, Lil' Yachty has joined with Fyooz to create new methods of getting closer to fans and in so doing creating a new investment paradigm for both fans and stars globally.”

Fyooz is not stopping with Lil' Yachty. The Swiss company is venturing further into the music business by signing Post Malone's manager, Dre London.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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