Friends Join Forces To Cover $40K Worth Of Groceries For Atlanta Families

The coronavirus pandemic has economically devastated millions across the nation. The holiday season has seen spikes in new cases and renewed demand in food resources for Americans. 

While food pantries work to keep up with holiday demand, some individuals are helping those in need on their own. A group of ten entrepreneurs in Atlanta, Georgia banded together right before Thanksgiving to cover the cost of shoppers at a local grocery store. 

“We understand the true meaning of giving back and pouring back into the community,” Jason Lobdell, a gym owner and fitness trainer told WWL-TV

For two hours at a Kroger grocery store, Lobdell worked with his friends Alix Burton, a trucking and transportation company owner; Brad and Tronda Giles, owners of a home healthcare agency; Nehemiah and Salvina Davis, owners of an event spaces company; Marcus and Turquoise Barney, who own a financial literacy business; Alphonso and Mary Dreher who operate a marketing and branding agency; and Jonathon Gooch, who also owns a home healthcare agency.

The group originally set out to hand out gift cards and spend $30,000, according to Lobdell, but decided to donate an additional $10,000 and cover everyone’s grocery bill. 

 “I’m still feeling on cloud nine after seeing those faces and getting all those hugs from the grannies and wiping those tears,” Lobdell shared in an interview with the news outlet. “It was just a good feeling,” he added. 

Tronda Giles echoed the sentiment, stating, “It was a beautiful thing that a group of entrepreneur friends are giving back as a complete unit to make a difference in the lives of those in need.” 

Photo: Getty Images

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