The Obamas Are Producing A Comedy Series About The Government

“Despite the many hours we spend obsessing over politics, almost none of us know the first thing about the massive organization those politicians are supposed to run.” 

The synopsis of Netflix’s newest comedy, produced by Barack and Michelle Obama is getting Americans thinking about the government, and what it actually does. 

Back in 2018, the Obamas announced a multi-million deal with Netflix. At the time, a comedy special was probably not what anyone expected they’d be working on. This year, however, has had no shortage of surprises. 

The G Word with Adam Conover is a comedy-documentary produced by Obama’s production company, Higher Ground, that will educate viewers on the intricate workings of the government. 

How the government works, what its power actually is, and areas of improvement are all set to be covered in the show. 

Netflix says the show will be a loose adaptation of Michael Lewis’ nonfiction bestseller The Fifth Risk, which covered the 2016 transition of power from Obama to Donald Trump, which the Obamas secured the rights to back in 2018

A source from the streaming service told PEOPLE, “It’s more of a focus on going inside how the government actually works, not specific to any one administration.” 

The show’s host, Adam Conover tweeted about the show’s creation late last month.

Filming is set to begin in early 2021, and includes additional backing by Fair Point productions. 

The synopsis of the show goes on to say, “The United States government affects our lives in countless ways, from the food we eat to the money in our bank accounts… Instead, ‘government’ has become a dirty word that we’d rather not talk or even think about.” 

Higher Ground has produced several other projects including a children’s show called Listen to Your Vegetables & Eat Your Parents, and the Oscar-winning documentary American Factory

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