Congress Closes In On Stripping Confederate Names From Military Bases

Congress is inching towards passing a new defense bill that would include changing the names of military bases honoring Confederate generals. This would include bases in states like Virginia, Louisiana, Georgia, Texas, North Carolina and Alabama. Thus far, the bill has obtained bipartisan support from lawmakers such as Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy. However, President Donald Trump has hinted that he may veto the bill because he is opposed to renaming military bases that are currently named after Confederate generals.

“Ongoing reports that President Trump is holding up negotiations on our annual defense bill because of his objections to the renaming of Confederate bases is frankly absurd and downright dangerous,” Sen. Mark Warner said.

Trump's veto worries many state lawmakers. Specifically, Sen. Warner is fearful that a Trump veto may significantly damage Virginia's national security footprint.

“This annual defense bill provides much-needed stability for Virginia’s critical national security footprint,” Warner said.

In spite of the potential Trump veto, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the National Defense Authorization Act in July. With the Senate set to present their version of the act this week, the House is expected to move forward as well.

If Trump does in fact veto the final version of the act, members of his party are prepared to come back to override his veto.

“That would be my expectation,” Rep. Steny Hoyer said when asked if he would return to Congress to override a Trump veto.

“This is going to pass,” Republican Sen. Jim Inhofe added.

The bill will be presented this month. Ultimately, it could come down to the final week of the year to push it through.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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