President-Elect Joe Biden To Campaign In Georgia Ahead Of Senate Runoffs

Months after pulling a major upset in the state of Georgia, President-Elect Joe Biden is heading down to the Peach State. Biden plans to campaign on behalf off Democratic candidates Jon Ossoff and Rev. Raphael Warnock ahead of next month's runoff elections. With the results of November's Senate elections pulling the two parties even, January's elections will determine the balance of power within the U.S. government.

"It's obviously important to win those seats in Georgia," incoming White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain said.

"[If] we have more people who support the kinds of things that Joe Biden supports, I think we're going to have a better government."

Biden campaigning for the two candidates is major news for the Democratic Party. The President-Elect has left the state of Delaware once since November 7. However, his political adversary, President Donald Trump, has remained extremely active. Despite his ongoing feud with Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, the President visited the Peach State to campaign on behalf of Republican candidates David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler. Adding on, his son, Donald Trump Jr., cut an ad for the two candidates ahead of next month's election.

“The radical left wants to tear down everything we’ve accomplished: defunding the police, eliminating private health insurance and dismantling the Supreme Court. On Jan. 5, the U.S. Senate is on the line, and my father’s accomplishments are on your ballot. Don’t let them take Georgia," he said.

However, Trump Jr.'s claims are false. Both candidates have not endorsed the "Defund The Police" movement and neither has talked about "dismantling the Supreme Court" if elected. In fact, Warnock has said that he does not support the "Defund The Police" movement.

"I do not want to defund the police. And Kelly Loeffler knows it. But she keeps saying this because she wants to distract from her own record," Warnock said during his debate with Sen. Loeffler.

With all of the chatter and fuss surrounding January's runoff election, things will continue to heat up over the next few weeks. Election Day is set for January 5 in the Peach State.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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