Tyler Perry Donates $100K To Breonna Taylor's Boyfriend's Legal Fund

Tyler Perry has donated $100,000 to the legal defense fund of Kenneth Walker.

According to multiple outlets, the media mogul broke up the large donation, which was made on GoFundMe, by making two donations of $10,000 as well as $50,000 and a final donation of $30,000.

The GoFundMe page, which was created on November 10 by Jacob Romines, who is the "son of Steve Romines, Kenneth's attorney in his suit against" the Louisville Metro Police Department, states that "donations will go towards Kenneth Walker’s legal expenses in his defense against Mattingly’s lawsuit and related litigation."

Tyler's large donations single-handedly allowed the page to surpass its $100,000 goal.

Kenneth is the boyfriend of Breonna Taylor, a 26-year-old Black emergency room technician and aspiring nurse, who was shot to death by Louisville police officers on March 13 after they broke down the door to her apartment while executing a "no-knock" warrant. Officers were executing a search warrant for an investigation into a suspected drug dealer, who police claimed had once retrieved a package at Breonna's home. The suspected drug dealer, however, didn't live at Breonna's apartment — and had, in fact, already been arrested at a different location before officers invaded Breonna's home.

Following Breonna's death, Louisville Police Sgt Jonathan Mattingly, who was shot in the crossfire during the raid of Breonna's home, filed a lawsuit against Kenneth for "battery, assault and emotional distress." Jonathan claims, per legal documents obtained by People, he experienced "severe trauma, mental anguish and emotional distress" on March 13, during which Kenneth, a licensed gun-owner, "grabbed his firearm and ultimately fired it" under the assumption that his home was being broken into as he has long asserted that the police officers did not announce themselves before breaking down the door of Breonna's apartment.

Kenneth's bullet allegedly struck an officer, and officers responded by returning fire with 32 shots, six of which struck Breonna.

Jonathan's suit came after criminal charges against Kenneth were dropped. Jonathan is seeking a jury trial, damages and attorney/medical fees after being shot in the thigh on the night of the incident, People reports.

Photo: Getty Images

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