LeBron James Opens 'House Three Thirty' Job Training Center

NBA Finals MVP LeBron James is giving back to the community that helped him get to where he is today. This morning, the three-time NBA Champion announced that he would be opening "House Three Thirty" in Akron, Ohio. The venue will be used to offer resources such as job training, community gathering spaces and financial health services.

"Our main goal in everything we do is to support and prepare our families for a better future," James said.

"And this concept, House Three Thirty, is the next step of that journey. I’m excited to open a space that puts everything we want to offer them under one roof. From getting them hands-on job training and financial guidance to having a space for important community events and safe physical activities, this is what we’ve learned our community needs. I can’t wait to see this come to life."

"House Three Thirty" is the latest project from the LeBron James Family Foundation. Initially, James set out to give free bikes to kids in northeast Ohio. From there, he opened his own school, offered free college tuition and developed transitional housing for families in need. Now, the latest endeavor for James and company will help marginalized communities obtain the tools needed to succeed.

"House Three Thirty represents years of us listening to our families and learning what they need," LeBron James Family Foundation Executive Director Michele Campbell.

"It’s addressing their financial health and giving them the skills they need to contribute to the workforce for a lifetime. Most importantly, it will be a source of pride and a sense of belonging for our I Promise family and everyone who wants to be part of our movement to create positive change for generations to come. This concept is a game-changer for our families, our community, and every community it touches."

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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