New Video Shows Shooter Panicking After Killing Ahmaud Arbery

Glynn County officials have released a new video pertaining to the untimely death of Ahmaud Arbery. The newly released video shows Travis McMichael covered in blood as he panics and paces back forth moments after the shooting of Ahmaud Arbery. During the video, an officer can be seen and heard addressing Arbery's declining health while McMichael begins yelling.

“He’s about to be 10-7, man,” the officer said referencing the department's "out of service" code.

“[This is the] last thing I ever wanted to do in my life,” McMichael told another officer.

Travis McMichael and his father, Greg McMichael, had followed Arbery as he jogged through the neighborhood because they had suspected him of being involved in a series of break-ins across the neighborhood. Adding on, another neighborhood had also contacted the police regarding Arbery as well. Not to mention, another neighbor, William Bryan, is accused of trapping Arbery, so the McMichaels could confront him. Eventually, Travis McMichael confronted Arbery as his father provided armed cover from their pick-up truck. Tragically, McMichael's confrontation resulted in the shooting death of Arbery, who had no criminal record and was not involved in any break-ins.

The shots that resulted in Arbery's death can be heard from the officer's perspective as they drove up to the Georgia neighborhood. As the video develops, the McMichael's and Bryan are caught on camera speaking about their intent as they followed Arbery. Most notably, Greg McMichael is caught on camera saying he would have killed Arbery if Travis did not.

“To be honest with you if I could’ve shot the guy I would’ve shot him myself," Greg McMichael said.

”Should we have been chasing him? I don’t know," Bryan added.

Despite killing Arbery, officers elected not to cuff Travis McMichael. Furthermore, neither of the McMichaels were charged at the time of the crime.

“Why would he need cuffs?” an officer responds when Greg McMichael asks if his son will be handcuffed.

After months of public pressure, the McMichaels and Bryan were placed in cuffs and arrested for their roles in Arbery's death. The three remain in jail as they await trial.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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