Salenah Cartier Becomes The Youngest Graduate Of The University Of Houston

At 17 years old, many are just getting their driver's license or deciding what to wear to prom. In many ways, Salenah Cartier is much different than her peers. This year, the teenage academic became the youngest person to ever graduate from the University of Houston. By graduating this semester, the 17-year-old did not only make history, but she also earned two degrees.

Cartier's academic ascension began in middle school when her family made the decision to begin homeschooling her. Eliminating a hostile environment and the bullying that permeated throughout her former classrooms, the Texas native began to shine. With the help of her mother, she sailed through middle school and graduated high school before her 15th birthday. From there, Cartier began looking for new challenges and found an opportunity at the University of Houston.

“I needed a new challenge, and attending college presented the perfect academic and social growth opportunity for me,” Cartier said.

Cartier was primarily motivated to pursue higher education by her mother. As a single mother of four children, the elder Cartier always implored her children not to let their current circumstances determine their future.

“My mom would always say you have to figure out what you want to do in life and how you want to make an impact on the world,” the 17-year-old graduate said.

As a result, Cartier was empowered to earn an Associate's degree from Lone Star College-Kingwood before earning a Bachelor's degree in psychology. Looking ahead, she hopes to earn a Master's degree from the University of Houston.

“I hope that my achievements are able to inspire [people] of all ages. It is never too early or late to pursue a goal,” Cartier explained.

“There will never be a perfect time to start a journey, but if you want to succeed, you just have to start. As long as you maintain an open mindset, you will learn on every step of the journey.”

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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