Tiger Woods’ Son Steals the Show At The PNC Championship

"Like father, like son" is more than that colloquial phrase in the Woods household. Over the weekend, Tiger Woods' 11-year-old son, Charlie, stole the show at a father-son golf tournament in Orlando, Florida. The younger Woods wowed crowds with his poise, skill and love for the game. The duo had a spectacular first round, shooting 10-under-par 62 at the Ritz-Carlton Golf Club. On Sunday, the father-son shot 10-under-par again and finished only five strokes behind pro golfer Justin Thomas and his father.

One of the most heartwarming moments of the tournament came on Sunday as Tiger and Charlie approached the 10th hole. Dressed in matching polo shirts, the two gave each other the iconic fist bump as the younger Woods nailed a birdie.

"You gotta love it, right?" former pro golfer David Duval said.

"I thought it was spectacular."

Duval is a former rival of Woods' who beat him out to win his lone major title in 2001. Having seen a prime Woods in person, he says that Charlie has many of the same skills his father had at a young age.

"The best way you can describe it is he has great fundamentals," he said.

"He is not afraid. And he hits the ball pretty darn far. Charlie maximizes it. He moves it out there pretty darn good for a little fella. And it's only going to get better, if that's what he wants."

While Charlie's performance must pique his father's interest, Tiger was most thankful to have spent quality time with his son heading into the holidays.

"I'm just proud," he said.

"Just like at the Medalist, stay in your own world, enjoy. Our little world, we kept it as that. It was special for both of us. He's not going to appreciate this at 11 years old. As the years go by, you start appreciating it more. I'm sure that we'll have a lot of banter over the holidays and the years to come."

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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