Top 10 Memes From Our Superpower Solstice

The day of the Superpower Solstice is here and of course Black Twitter is keeping the jokes rolling in. 

December 21 marks the Winter Solstice in which Saturn and Jupiter are closer than they've ever been in 800 years. It’s also the day Black people are supposed to get superpowers after the planets set off our genetic potential. 

If you weren’t waiting for powers, spiritual guides and astrological buffs suggested taking the day to meditate, set intentions and goals, and to bring good vibes in general to ring in the new energy from the universe. 

Regardless of how you’re spending the day, here’s a few memes commemorating us getting our super powers today, and using our power every day.

Missy Elliott even joined in the solstice celebration, posting clips from her iconic futuristic superhero-themed music videos. Ahead of her time, per usual.

The solstice isn’t over yet, but Black Twitter definitely showed love to the user who started it all, @lottidot.

And we couldn't forget one of our real heroes, Samuel L. Jackson is celebrating his 72nd birthday today.

As always, thank you, Black Twitter.

Photo: Getty Images

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