Stephan James Launches Nonprofit To Highlight Black Canadian Talent

Star actors and brothers Stephan James and Shamier Anderson have launched a nonprofit initiative called The Black Academy to highlight Black Canadian talent. The Black Academy aims to provide educational programming for aspiring storytellers and present awards to underrecognized Black Canadian talent in the entertainment industry.

"[I am] proud to announce the formation of the Black Academy of Canada," Stephan James tweeted.

“Stephan and I strongly believe we have identified a glaring gap in the industry as far as the acknowledgment and celebration of Black Canadians doing exceptional things all over the world,” The Black Academy Co-Founder Shamier Anderson added.

Anderson has appeared in several television series including Shots Fired, Pitch and Dear White People. Meanwhile, James has starred in If Beale Street Could Talk, Selma and Homecoming. Over the years, many Black Canadian talents have emerged in film and television such as Tamara Taylor and Rae Dawn Chong. Despite their talent, neither Anderson nor James have been honored with Emmy, Golden Globe or Academy Awards.

“This level of celebration is bound to breed a whole new world of Black Canadian talent doing exceptional things," Anderson continued.

'We know the impact that providing an opportunity for Black talent to gain visibility and recognition will have. It breeds inspiration like no other amongst our communities. To have something for us, by us."

The two will set their nonprofit initiative into motion in 2021.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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