Matt James Opens Up About The 'Pressure' Of Being The First Black Bachelor

It's a new year and history is being made within the first week. Matt James has made his debut as the first Black star to lead The Bachelor. During a recent interview, James opened up about the experience, the unseen challenges and pressure he may be facing.

“I felt that pressure — I’m not going to lie — initially,” James said.

Prior to appearing on the reality dating show, James grew up in North Carolina and played football at Wake Forest University. After a few NFL tryouts, he worked for PNC Bank and CBRE Group, Inc. before landing on The Bachelorette. After the pandemic affected the filming of the show, he was named the next bachelor. As the interview developed, James began to explain more about what he hopes to gain from the experience of being the star of The Bachelor.

“The reality of this experience is that I’m hoping to leave with somebody, and with an engagement comes a marriage and kids,” James said.

“And if our kids aren’t Black, they’re going to have some sort of pigmentation, so it’s a conversation that needs to take place because there are things that I’ve experienced that our kids are going to experience, and you’ve got to be ready for that. It’s just going to be a reality.”

James will make his next appearance on The Bachelor on January 11.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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