Biden, Harris Confirmed: What Happens Next?

Late last night (January 6), after rioters were escorted off the Capitol grounds by law enforcement officers, Congress resumed the work of confirming Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as the next President and Vice President of the United States.

Now, in the wake of the deadly attacks, the nation’s lawmakers are exploring several options to end Donald Trump’s presidency early with just 13 days left. 

On Thursday (January 7), several members of White House staff submitted their resignations, citing the violence the day before as motivation to sever ties with Trump. 

Trump submitted a statement in light of the resignations, in which he promised a peaceful transition of power on Inauguration Day. His Republican colleagues, including Rep. Adam Kinzinger of Illinois, however, has called for the invocation of the 25th Amendment which would effectively end Trump’s presidency two weeks early. 

The 25th Amendment says that if the President becomes unable to fulfill his duties, that the Vice President would step into the role.

As the Senate resumed their election certification, VP Mike Pence condemned the violence and called for the restoration of order, though he didn’t call Trump out by name.

A report by CNN says at least two Republican officials have called for Trump’s impeachment. That process, however, may be out of the reach of political will, given the Senate is adjourned until January 19. Trump, who was already impeached in 2019, would have to be formally impeached by the House, and tried by the Senate.

Some lawmakers, including Congresswoman Cori Bush of Missouri, are calling for the removal of the members of Congress who effectively executed an attempt to overturn the election results.

A report by the New York Times names all 147 Republicans who voted to object to Congress' certification of Biden’s win.  

The final days of Trump’s presidency mark the transition into power for the Biden administration, who is slated to speak on Thursday (January 7) afternoon. 

Biden may announce the appointment of Merrick Garland as US Attorney General. Garland was nominated by Barack Obama to the Supreme Court, but his appointment was blocked by GOP lawmakers. 

The appointment becomes poignant as DC Mayor Muriel Bowser and others call for holding those who attacked the Capitol accountable for their actions.  

Photos: Getty Images

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