College Roommates Turned Business Partners Acquire $8.3 Million Hotel

The year is starting off fast for two college roommates turned business partners. Atlanta entrepreneurs Jessica Myers and Davonne Reaves have closed a deal to acquire Home 2 Suites by Hilton in El Reno, Oklahoma. The deal was done in partnership with Nassau Investments for an astounding $8.3 million. With this accomplishment, Myers and Reaves have become the youngest Black women to own property under the major hotel chain.

“I never thought by the time I was 33 that I’d be a hotel owner, but I admit that it feels great to have accomplished that at this point in my life,” Reaves said.

“Making history in the process, well that’s just icing on the cake!”

Reaves and Myers have worked through their business venture, Epiq Collective, to make an impact on the real estate business. The two originally met at Georgia State University as roommates in college. Reaves first established a relationship with Hilton by working as a front desk agent. Over time, she worked her way up and relocated to business for further business opportunities.

“I would often see other hotel owners but they didn’t look like me. So that’s when I started on a 14-year mission to make a change,” Reaves said.

After working her way up the corporate ladder, this acquisition means a lot to Reaves for a variety of reasons. The timing of the deal also aligns with her grandmother's birthday.

“I told our team of investors that I wanted to own this hotel by February 6th. That’s my grandmother’s birthday and coincidentally it’s Jessica’s birthday too. Knowing that I’ve done that, just gives me chills," Reaves said.

“We’re so proud to bring that ‘Black girl magic’ to the commercial real estate industry; this is just the beginning," Myers added.

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