Spike Lee's Children, Satchel And Jackson, Named Golden Globe Ambassadors

Spike Lee's children, Satchel and Jackson, are stepping into the television and film industry. This week, the Lee children were named Golden Globe Ambassadors. As ambassadors, Satchel and Jackson Lee will assist with next month's awards ceremony while working with charities of their choice in an effort to highlight socially relevant issues.

“We’re proud to welcome Satchel and Jackson Lee to an incredible roster of previous Golden Globe ambassadors,” HFPA President Ali Sar said.

“Akin to their esteemed filmmaker father known for his uncompromising and provocative storytelling, Satchel and Jackson have already begun to blaze their own paths in the arts. We are honored to see how they’ll use this platform to elevate the important issues of LGBTQIA+ health and youth mentorship.”

Satchel Lee currently works as the creative director of the intersectional and queer magazine, Drøme As a Golden Globe Ambassador, he has opted to work alongside Callen-Lorde, a nonprofit healthcare group working to provide resources for marginalized communities.

“We’re proud to carry our father’s legacy of storytelling to bring attention to communities close to our hearts,” Satchel Lee said.

“This year has illuminated just how disproportionately Black and Brown people and the LGBTQ+ communities are affected by pre-existing conditions, so it’s an honor for me to be able to shine a spotlight on the heroic doctors and nurses at Callen-Lorde who work tirelessly to care for some of the most vulnerable people in New York City.”

Jackson Lee is a designer who helped develop Nike’s Jordan Mars 270 shoe. While his sister works with Callen-Lorde, he will work with Big Brothers Big Sisters America.

“Having my dad as a mentor inspired me to choose Big Brothers Big Sisters, a charity built upon the foundation that forming positive, intergenerational relationships can have a profound impact on young lives,” Jackson Lee said.

“As a visionary creative, my dad taught Satchel and me the importance of entertainment as a cultural catalyst of change.”

Leading up to next month's ceremony, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association will donate $25,000 to each organization. The Golden Globe Awards are set to take place on February 28.

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