GOP Lawmakers Complain About New Security Measures Following Deadly Riots

The fallout from the Capitol Hill riots continues in Washington, D.C. Following the events of January 6, Capitol Police has increased security measures for federal lawmakers. Ranging from an increased police presence to metal detectors, authorities are working to reduce threats to federal lawmakers leading up to Inauguration Day. However, a few Republican congress members are not so excited about these new security measures.

"You are creating a problem you do not understand the ramifications of," Rep. Steve Womack yelled at police as he went through a security check.

"[This is] horse----!" Rep. Rodney Davis shouted during a security check.

Prior to the riots, lawmakers were typically exempt from metal detectors but Sergeant-at-Arms Timothy Blodgett decided to make the change earlier this week. Under these new rules, lawmakers will be prohibited from entering the chambers without going through security.

"Failure to complete screening or the carrying of prohibited items could result in denial of access to the Chamber," Blodgett said.

In the wake of these changes, GOP lawmakers are not blaming Blodgett. Instead, they have turned their attention to their Democratic colleagues.

"This is political correctness run amok. The threat is outside, not inside. Every resource used inside is one that can't be used outside," Rep. Davis stated.

Increased police presence is being used both inside the Capitol building and outside. The National Guard is planning to have 10,000 officers in Washington, D.C. by January 20. Secret Service has also expanded its security detail for Inauguration Day. Rounding out security measures, President Donald Trump has issued an Emergency Declaration for the District of Columbia.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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