Inauguration Day Falls On Palindrome Date For The Only Time This Millennium

Inauguration Day is the beginning of many things. It marks the beginning of Donald Trump's return to life as a private citizen. It also marks the beginning of President Joe Biden's first term as President of the United States of America. Above all else, it is the beginning of what will affectionately be known as the "palindrome season" of 2021.

A palindrome is defined as a date that can be read the same forward and backward. For example, the date, 1/20/21, can be read the same backward and forward. This phenomenon will run from January 20 through January 29. Later this year, another string of palindrome dates will run from December 1 through December 9.

"The year 2011 had 22 (palindrome dates), and in the next century, they will be found in 2111 and 2121," Dr. Iziz Alnan told Farmer's Almanac.

A palindrome Inauguration Day is extremely rare and the first of its kind. According to the Farmer's Almanac, the next potential palindrome Inauguration Day would occur January 20, 3021. By then, the country may have inaugurated its 10th Black President or Vice President.

Unfortunately, this phenomenon will not appear for many. For those who use the American format of MM/DD/YY, the palindrome string will run until January 29. For those who use the United Kingdom format of DD/MM/YY, the phenomena will not occur.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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