Police Major In Breonna Taylor Case Reassigned After Being Demoted

It’s been nearly a year since Breonna Taylor was killed in her sleep by police officers in Louisville, Kentucky. 

As the legal battle ensues, progress to bring those responsible for what happened March 13, 2020 to justice is slowly unfolding. 

Kim Burbrink, the police Major who was in charge of the officers involved in Breonna’s killing, was demoted and reassigned, according to WDRB

“Although these events unfolded prior to my arrival here, I find this to be the appropriate course of action based on the recommendations of my senior staff,” Louisville Police Chief Erika Shields wrote in a memo. 

“Internal investigations and resulting discipline are paramount to the accountability of this police department and those across the nation.” 

According to the memo, Burbrink’s demotion and reassignment will be effective January 23. Burbrink had been on administrative leave before the demotion.  

At the time of the botched raid on Breonna’s apartment, Burbrink commanded the Criminal Interdiction Division of the Louisville Police Department. In October, then-acting police chief Yvette Gentry opened an investigation on Burbrink after fellow officers questioned Burbrink’s involvement during a virtual briefing on May 14. 

Burbrink was asked not to attend the meeting, since the department’s Public Integrity Unit (PIU) considered her an “informational witness” to the shooting. 

Burbrink attended anyway and, as WDRB reported, “cast[ed] doubt” on the PIU’s investigation. Burbrink reportedly asked for details on former officer Brett Hankison’s “inconsistent statements” in his statement about what happened during the raid, even though investigators told her that information was considered “sensitive.” 

“It should be noted at no time did any other commander intervene to stop what has been characterized by multiple individuals present during the WebEx meeting as a ‘Cross examination’ of the investigation,” the report stated. 

Burbrink was demoted to lieutenant and is now in the Special Operations Division.

“Although Lieutenant Burbrink’s rank has changed, I feel confident in her ability to continue to serve this community,” Shields stated in her memo. 

Photo: Getty Images 

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