Harlem Community Rallies In Support Of Woman Attacked Near Liquor Store

Dozens of New York residents crowded outside of a liquor store in Harlem to demand justice for a woman who was attacked after buying a bottle of wine next week. A 31-year-old, who wished not to be identified, stopped at the liquor store at 6 p.m. after work. While shopping, a group of three men approached her and offered to pay for her items. When she politely declined, the three men followed her outside of the store and surrounded her. The group proceeded to kick her, punch her, spit on her and bite her. The unidentified woman also reported that her phone was stolen.

"I couldn't believe it, it was like an animal. That's the only way I can put it, it was like an animal," the woman told NBC 4 New York.

In the wake of this violent attack, dozens of concerned New York citizens crowded outside of the liquor store before marching through the streets in protest.

Protect Black women," the protesters chanted.

"A clarion call was made when a woman in Harlem was savagely attacked by three despicable punk hoodlums who haven’t been caught. Last night, brothers and sisters came out to say no more," New York resident Rachel Noerdling wrote.

This violent attack has concerned many throughout the city and signals a bigger issue throughout New York. As a result, New York resident Tony Herbert has offered a reward for information pertaining to the capture of the three suspects.

“What took place here is atrocious,” he said.

“To assault a sister like this is an insult and a direct attack on every woman in our city.”

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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