Breonna Taylor's Family Demands Police Release Additional Body Cam Footage

The family of Breonna Taylor has sued the Louisville Metro Police Department for the release of footage from 18 additional body cameras. The lawsuit was filed by attorney Sam Aguiar shortly after he claimed that local police informed him that "at least 18 important body camera videos exist on Breonna's case and were withheld from all of us."

Footage from these additional body cameras is believed to be tied to an address on Elliott Avenue where Jamarcus Glover, Taylor's ex-boyfriend may have lived. Last year, authorities entered Taylor's home because they believed Glover may have lived at or kept items that were pertinent to a drug investigation at her apartment. However, Glover was not at the residence and believed to be in police custody near the time of the raid. If the videos could prove that officers entered Taylor's home while knowing Glover was already in custody, it could present civil or even criminal issues for those involved.

The Louisville Metro Police Department has indicated that they have no plans to release the additional body camera footage because they believe it could jeopardize their investigation. According to CBS affiliate, WLKY, the police also claim that releasing the video could "impact witness recollection of the incident, and taint the jury pool." However, Aguiar claims that LMPD previously denied that these videos even existed.

"Metro never once, within their denial, discloses or acknowledges that the prosecutors and defendants ... and the companion cases have reached a plea deal," Aguiar stated in the lawsuit.

The Louisville Metro Police Department nor the Taylor family have issued a public statement regarding the lawsuit.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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