Michelle Obama Crowns Floor Routine From UCLA Gymnast Nia Dennis

UCLA gymnast Nia Dennis has earned a new fan after her most recent floor routine made its way around social media. After taking a moment to watch Dennis's incredible performance, former First Lady Michelle Obama shared her reaction on Twitter.

"Now, that's what I call fierce. You're a star," Michelle Obama tweeted.

"I'm speechless. Thank you, queen," Nia Dennis replied.

Dennis has been showered with compliments following her floor routine on January 23 against Arizona State University in Pauley Pavillion. Over the last week, Common, Missy Elliott, Janet Jackson, Kerry Washington and several others shared their reactions to the popular routine.

Dennis said that her viral routine was inspired by the Black Lives Matter protests that dominated much of the last year. The UCLA gymnast hoped to highlight Black culture and empower those around her.

"The Black Lives Matter protests were pretty much the foundation. This summer, I had shoulder surgery so I wasn’t going out. I was trying to heal, trying to prepare for the season. But I was definitely out there in spirit," she told The Lily.

"The subject of Black Likes Matter is so heavy. It is difficult for people to talk about — and sometimes you have to meet people where they’re at, with a celebration. Every single song is a major Black artist, musician, from different time periods. They had a huge impact on Black culture, which has also had a huge impact on me. So I’m just literally celebrating what they’ve done and having the time of my life."

Dennis and her teammates will take the mat next on January 31 as UCLA takes on the University of Arizona in Tucson.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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