CW Sets Up 'All American' Spinoff Starring Geffri Maya

The CW is reportedly developing a spinoff series for the hit drama, All American: Homecoming. The series will likely center around Geffri Maya's character, Simone Hicks, as she transitions from Beverly Hills to a historically Black college or university. Hicks will star as a tennis player as she is joined by an elite baseball player while they navigate college life. Writers for All American are set to kickstart the spinoff series with a planted episode during the show's third season.

Aiming to explore the lives of HBCU athletes is a welcomed addition to the bevy of sports show available today. Furthermore, the show brings lights to two sports that are commonly overlooked and underfunded at Black college, golf and baseball. In recent years, sports figures like Steph Curry and the late Hank Aaron have pushed for more Black representation in golf and baseball, but a series such as this can also help increase Black participation.

News of a spinoff arrives as All American continues to roll out its third season. The show's third season premiere garnered its largest audience yet. Throughout the show's latest chapter, Daniel Ezra's character, Spencer James, and Coach Baker, played by Taye Diggs, will navigate the obstacles of returning to Crenshaw High School. Meanwhile, Baker's children, Jordan and Olivia, will handle life at Beverly Hills High School for the first time without her father. While all of this unfolds, Spencer, Jordan, Olivia and Asher must all decide where they will head after graduation.

All American will return for the third episode of season three on February 1 at 8 p.m.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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